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I want to Develop a God Addiction

I want to Develop a God Addiction

I have to admit, I have developed many addictions during my 40+ years on  this earth. During my childhood, I was addicted to sodas, ice cream, and candy. Basically, anything that contained sugar in it. During my adolescent years, I was addicted to finding my true-love and hanging out with my friends, otherwise known as “partying!” During the years of my Army career, I was addicted to adrenaline, caffeine, and nicotine. Now, during my mid-life, I have new aspirations for a different kind of addiction.

I want to Develop a God Addiction!

I want to Develop a God Addiction
All my life, I had no problems with adopting addictions that are bad for me. Why is it I have such a hard time finding an addiction that is good? Once is a great while I find an addiction that is somewhat good for me, such as exercise or good eating habits. However, what can be better than an addiction than is good for my soul? Just think about it for a minute. Earthy addictions may do good for my body and mind and help keep me attached to this world for a few extra years. But, an addiction to my Lord carries a guarantee that lasts for eternity!

The first step to developing a God addiction is the realization of how vital God truly is in our daily lives. So many of us depend on our personal strengths, but we must remember that God is the creator of everything! That means that God is the author and controller of everything in our world, which includes everything in our lives. Nothing good or bad happens to us unless our God has ordained it to be so. We must remember that God’s will is not our own and when we have anything in our lives that happens that we don’t understand, it is because God either blessed us or He tests us.

I want to Develop a God Addiction
Absolutely everything has a purpose. But what about those sinners that have good things happen to them? This is a great question! Even for the atheist that are blessed with fortune and fame. Their blessings are only for this earth. God is somehow using them for His glory in heaven! Their understanding of this is not important. God knows what He is doing and that is all that matters.

The same goes for when bad things happen to Christians that love God. Don’t take it as God doesn’t love me. Just remember that God is either testing your faith or he is using the situation in some way you don’t understand to His glory. We must remember, God even allowed His Son Jesus to be tested by Satan in the wilderness; why would he not allow Satan to test us as well? You may at first think that God is punishing you and maybe He is, but He may be using you in another way that brings glory to Him that you do not understand.

I want to Develop a God AddictionYou see, the only way to become addicted to God is through faith. We must not allow circumstance in our lives, both good and bad to influence our belief in what we know is true. God’s will is not our will and we must stop trying to figure out things of this world that we cannot understand or were never meant to understand. We cannot understand because the only One that can understand is God the Father. God doesn’t want us to understand anyway. He only wants us to have faith and trust in Him.

Matthew 18:3 And he said “I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.”

Let us pray that we can do our best to put away the thoughts of this earth and start trusting more in God. I believe this is the first step to become addicted to God!

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